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Family Practice Physician located in Glendale, CA

Dr. Antonio Zamorano provides women’s health services to patients from throughout the Los Angeles, California area from his practice, Whole Family Health, located in Glendale, California.

Women's Health Q & A

What happens during a routine women's health exam?

Women's health services provide women with care that is focused squarely on their needs, helping to ensure they can enjoy optimal health at every age. Exams begin with measurements of weight and blood pressure, as well as a detailed personal and family medical history to look for possible risk factors for diseases. In addition to routine medical assessments, a clinical breast exam will be performed and a Pap smear and HPV screening may also be performed. Guidance will be provided depending on each woman's unique needs, including information on birth control and menopause when necessary. Urinalysis may be performed and other medical screenings and tests may also be ordered.

What types of treatment are provided to women?

Dr. Zamorano provides birth control and contraceptive services for family planning and medical purposes. When women have irregular or painful periods Dr. Zamorano can run tests to identify the root cause of the issue and provide appropriate treatment. When his female patients are ready to have a family he helps them to optimize their health to become pregnant and with prenatal care through delivery. He also helps women with the transition of menopause and the associated symptoms and side effects.

What should women do to prepare for a women’s health visit?

Usually, the first thing the doctor will do is ask questions about medical history and any hereditary conditions. Patients should be prepared to answer these question fully and honestly. Being aware of which illnesses have been experienced by your family members and having a list of medications being used can help prepare patients greatly. Any concerns being experienced will also need to be discussed and patients should be sure to mention any changes to the doctor. While some situations may be strange to talk about, the doctor is here to help and it is very important to discuss them in case they are a sign of a more serious condition. Women should also make a list of questions they may have including information on:

  • Eating healthier
  • Birth control selections
  • Safety and relationship issues
  • Getting pregnant
  • Being more physically active
  • Sexually transmitted infections and diseases
  • Anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions


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