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Dr. Zamorano provides the Glendale, California area with weight loss management services to help his patients look and feel their best while maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.

Weight Loss Management Q & A

How does Dr. Zamorano conduct weight loss management?

Dr. Zamorano helps patients identify whether their weight is a health concern. Being merely 10 pounds overweight puts a patient more at risk of certain health conditions. Those who are classified as obese or morbidly obese are severely at risk for having a heart attack, stroke, or even developing certain cancers. He also realizes the profound effect it has on a person’s self-esteem. He begins by informing the patient about what a healthy weight is for him or her. Then he devises a plan and helps the patient implement it for overall better health. This usually begins by educating the patient on healthy eating practices and helping him or her to implement an exercise regimen. If more drastic measures are required, he’s able to refer the patient for weight loss surgery.

How can weight loss management help a person's health?

Dr. Zamorano educates patients on the risks of being overweight, such as the possibility of developing diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Through monitoring and testing, he helps the patient identify any health concerns and then tackles the issue of helping the person to lose weight. Once a patient loses weight, he or she will reap the benefits of being more active and having more energy.

What does a weight loss program include?

Dr. Zamorano has a strong educational background with overweight and obese patients. He understands the specifics of determining the underlying cause of the weight problem and addresses it accordingly. He wants nothing more than to see his patients live fuller, healthier lives, even if it means a long journey through weight loss. He believes in taking a slow approach, so patients lose healthy amounts of weight at a time. He aids in implementing changes that are actually feasible for the patient.


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