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Dr. Zamorano, serving Glendale, California from Whole Family Health, provides patients high-quality care to his senior patients.

Senior Care Q & A

Why is choosing a senior care physician important?

Seniors have their own unique set of health care needs. As people age, their bodies have different needs and are susceptible to a number of different health conditions developing. For instance, certain conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are more prevalent in the senior community. Senior women have special health needs, especially since heart disease is a huge concern in this age bracket. Senior men have their own unique needs as well. Dr. Zamorano has the necessary training to address the health concerns of the senior population.  

What types of senior care does Dr. Zamorano provide?

Dr. Zamorano provides a combination of care. Patients receive preventative screenings and annual physical examinations to prevent a variety of conditions through lifestyle changes and careful monitoring. This level of care has the ability to catch serious conditions sooner before they turn into a more serious problem. Dr. Zamorano’s goal is to help seniors to live healthier and active lives through a combination or encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and thorough preventative care to ensure that any developing conditions are caught and treated in early stages.

What information does Dr. Zamorano need to help a senior?

Dr. Zamorano is a well-respected family practitioner in Glendale, California, who understands the needs of the senior population. He feels like seniors are oftentimes pushed aside, and he wants them to feel important and in charge of their health. That's why he welcomes a patient into his office to provide any information they feel is necessary for the best treatment. He wants to know any changes or conditions or any new aches, pains, or symptoms the patient acquires. He asks a series of questions that help determine any problems a patient may be experiencing. He needs to know any changes in behavior, moods, or thoughts since these may be signs of Alzheimer’s or another condition.


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