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As a prominent family doctor serving Glendale, California, Dr. Antonio Zamorano provides patients of all ages and genders with thorough preventive care.

Preventive Screenings Q & A

What are preventive screenings?

Dr. Zamorano provides patients with preventative screenings in order to try to prevent health problems. Early detection allows the doctor to catch a condition before it turns into a serious problem. Preventative screenings also allow Dr. Zamorano to make suggestions for patients to adopt healthier habits.

What conditions does Dr. Zamorano screen for?

Dr. Zamorano screens for a variety of conditions including diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease, as well as other diseases.

How does Dr. Zamorano screen?

Dr. Zamorano begins the screening process via a question-and-answer portion of the paperwork. After completing the medical background paperwork, he continues to evaluate the patient by discussing any issues with him or her. Testing may be required to determine if a patient has any signs that could indicate any health issues in the future. Once the physician determines potential health risks, he’s able to educate the patient on ways to prevent it. He educates patients on implementing lifestyle changes to prevent the condition. This is also a prime time for the physician to foresee what treatments may be needed in the future.

What information will the doctor collect during screening?

Dr. Zamorano has an extensive amount of training that has prepared him to treat and help patients prevent a variety of conditions. Dr. Zamorano offers patients long-term care and preventive screenings to help improve and maintain overall health and wellbeing. He wants patients to feel comfortable talking to him about all of their health concerns. Some examples include whether or not the patient has been feeling excessively tired lately. He wants to know if the patient has had any changes in appetite or any symptoms that may indicate a problem, such as frequent headaches or nausea. During a preventive screening is an ideal time for the patient to ask any questions and have the physician address all concerns since it can help diagnose and treat conditions sooner.


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